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Advanced chemistry for progressive health practitioners

Many areas relating to modern science and technology have been advancing rapidly and medicine is no exception. Patented pharmaceutical products developed from large clinical trials have been the backbone of medical practice. Increasingly however, complementary and alternative healthcare practitioners realize that not all health deficits can be treated optimally by these mainstream drugs. Often changes in lifestyle are indicated including adjustments to diet. And in some cases, after careful clinical diagnosis, health deficits need to be treated with other therapies.

Some are based on substances that occur naturally in the body. Some are based on well-established traditional medicines, others are based on academic research into uncommon conditions or employ complex chemistries. Many of the compounds require customization and are most effective when administered intravenously.

York Downs Chemists specializes in providing these advanced chemistries for progressive health practitioners.

What innovative healthcare practitioners say about York Downs Chemists:

NEX Wellness, Burlington Ontario

“They partner with us in providing care to the patients and are an incredible resource, always on hand to answer any questions we have.” Dr. Jacqueline Colello

Dr. Ara Elmajian

"Knowing the high quality of their products, their perpetual research in new products, their quality controls and professionalism gives me comfort." Dr. Ara Elmajian

Dr. Dieter Wittel: Chelation Medical Centres of the Okanagan

"I have been working with York Downs for over twenty years... their service is unbelievably good, with overnight delivery. They have never failed me." Dr. Dieter Wittel

Kelowna Naturopathic Clinic

"York Downs Chemists has played a significant role not only in the development of our practice, but also a significant role in the whole naturopathic profession across the country.” Dr. Garrett Swetlikoff ND

Naturopathic Doctor and Director of the Patterson Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine

“York Downs Chemists have been my sole supplier of the injectables for over 15 years.” Dr. Peter Papadogianis

Lemmo Integrated Cancer Care Inc

“She is, as a compounder and pharmacist, one of the best in her industry and beyond that she does quality work with quality ingredients, and knows the subject matter very, very well.” Dr. Walter Lemmo speaking of York Downs’ Boyana Djokic