York Downs Chemists is proud to be the founding sponsor in CCNM’s $7 million Turning Point Campaign to fund the Patterson Institute, whose goal is to empower the role and impact of naturopathic medicine in Canada and around the world.

CCNM writes on their homepage, “York Downs’ commitment continues the pioneering spirit of David Garshowitz (above right), an advocate for integrative medicine, who passed away in 2017.”

The Patterson Institute, under the direction of Dr. Peter Papadogianis (above left), ND, is leading research initiatives that satisfy the growing demand for rigorous scientific evidence to support existing therapies while also developing new approaches to improving wellness. The Institute is collaborating with the Ottawa Integrative Cancer Centre (OICC) and the CCNM Integrative Cancer Clinic (ICC) to provide the best integrative cancer care in Canada.

Dr. Paul Hrkal, ND (above centre), medical director of Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR), has made a commitment of $150,000 that offers financial assistance to students in the program.

Please help support the CCNM Turning Point Campaign.