A multidisciplinary approach to wellness with uniques expertise in dental and ANS health

In his 43rd year of progressive health practice Dr. Ara Elmajian embraces learning, living and healing with the passion of unfading youth. He himself practices what he preaches.

Dr. Ara Elmajian has been in practice for 43 years, specializing in chronic pain and illness using the unique approach of emphasizing the effects that dental health has on the rest of the body, combining medical and dental practices.

“Nowadays, we are inundated with multiple factors that promote chronic illness. Environmental (manifold pollutants), nutritional and hormonal factors, disturbances in the micro biome and perpetual stress have all contributed to a crisis in the industrialized nations,” he states.

To ameliorate chronic illness, he works with his patients to regulate their Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) to get the body back into balance and promote healthy wellbeing. Dr. Elmajian modulates the ANS by correcting the structure, function, biochemistry, neuroendocrine and emotional disturbances of the individual.

For chronic pain management, he takes note of his patients’ constitution and temperament via conversation and initial physical examinations, working to obtain the trust of the patient. Then he answers the question, What modality will be most effective for the individual suffering from chronic pain and illness is dependent on their constitution and temperament?

In his dental-medical clinic he uses a multidisciplinary approach utilizing dental medicine, naturopathic medicine, physical medicine, neural therapy and many modalities to regulate the ANS and establish wellness. He emphasizes prevention through nutrition, hydration, hygiene and movement.

Dr. Elmajian has worked with York Down chemists for many years. “Knowing the high quality of their products, their perpetual research in new products, their quality controls and professionalism gives me comfort.”

Other Testimonials

Vitamin Advantage Medical, Calgary & Vancouver

“We have so many procedure-based treatments in our two clinics that we just order nearly everything from York Downs. Many years ago I tried products from other compounding pharmacies and didn’t get the same results with patients.” Dr. Jasmine Hall

True Potential Health Services – Saskatoon

“York Downs is an integral part of us being able to deliver customized and innovative care... I can be at a course, learn a new IV therapy, come home and be able to access that from York Downs, that is phenomenal.” Dr. Jacqui Fleury, ND.

NEX Wellness, Burlington Ontario

“They partner with us in providing care to the patients and are an incredible resource, always on hand to answer any questions we have.” Dr. Jacqueline Colello