Yes, we regularly ship medications to physicians and clinics across Canada. We also ship to the United States and Europe. For other destinations please call us. Shipping is either arranged by the customer, or we arrange and add the cost to the invoice.

Yes. All our products require a prescription from a doctor with a Canadian licence. This also applies to shipments abroad, a prescription from a doctor with a Canadian licence doctor is required.

Yes, we dispense to walk-in patients for the preparations we handle. For over-the-counter medications and painkillers please visit York Downs Pharmacy on Bathurst Street between Sheppard Avenue and Wilson Avenue.  

We do not dispense cannabis. Please visit a licensed operator.  

We do not carry, nor dispense painkillers and opiates.  

We fill prescriptions submitted by email, fax and phone. We do not handle via electronic health systems.

Yes. We adhere to all legal requirements in Canada and we operate under the auspices of Health Canada and the Ontario College of Pharmacists.