Mountainview Wellness Centre, South Surrey, BC

Innovation, Beauty and the Art of Wellness

Mountainview Wellness Centre team: Drs. Allison Patton, Galina Bogatch and Caleb Ng 
Published by Mountainview Wellness Centre for ten years Metanoia Magazine is a work of art and an expression of the Centre’s systems approach to wellness.

It is unusual for a medical clinic to publish a magazine. More unusual is that the magazine, published by Mountainview Wellness Centre and the Leis family since 2008, covering politics, psychology, art, health and culture, is itself a striking work of art. Metanoia Magazine bills itself as “a new way of thinking,” which is reflective of the partners’ innovative approach to regenerative medicine.

Mountainview Wellness Centre, with the tagline Beauty from Within, has one of the largest regenerative medicine practices in the area and it is arguably one of the more innovative clinics in BC. The clinic attracts patients from as far away as the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Working together for nearly 20 years, the three partners, Dr. Allison Patton, Dr. Galina Bogatch and Dr. Caleb Ng, work as an integrated team. Each patient that comes in the clinic is assisted by one of the physicians, never a technician. “The synergy of our team is magical; three truly have become one,” remarks Dr. Bogatch.

“We think of everything as a system,” Dr. Patton comments. “Wherever there is something that needs improving, tweaking or shifting, we look at the art and science of it, the aesthetics and function of it, and adapt our system to include the new way of thinking.”

“We started with classical treatments including acupuncture and added onto that over time including treatments that incorporate vitamins, ozone, platelet-rich plasma and concentrated growth factors as well as a few proprietary formulations.” Mountainview has been running a full IV suite since 2001.

“We’ve used other compounding pharmacies for non IV supplies, but you need competence and a proven track-record in your compounder when you are using agents like IV curcumin, IV quercetin and IV DCA.” Reports Dr. Ng,  “It’s good to have a pharmacy like York Downs that knows the doses. They double check and give us a call if anything ever looks out of the ordinary.”

“York Downs plays an integral part in the smooth functioning of the IV suite at the centre. They have always been a partner in our work and have never let us down; not once. I am not sure what we would do without their fabulous team.”

“We look forward to continuing the development of our brand, Beauty From Within, with regenerative medicine underpinning our model of care, enabling deep healing so that each patient feels relaxed, rejuvenated, and nurtured when they spend time at our Centre.”

Other Testimonials

Vitamin Advantage Medical, Calgary & Vancouver

“We have so many procedure-based treatments in our two clinics that we just order nearly everything from York Downs. Many years ago I tried products from other compounding pharmacies and didn’t get the same results with patients.” Dr. Jasmine Hall

True Potential Health Services – Saskatoon

“York Downs is an integral part of us being able to deliver customized and innovative care... I can be at a course, learn a new IV therapy, come home and be able to access that from York Downs, that is phenomenal.” Dr. Jacqui Fleury, ND.

NEX Wellness, Burlington Ontario

“They partner with us in providing care to the patients and are an incredible resource, always on hand to answer any questions we have.” Dr. Jacqueline Colello

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