Bringing together complementary and conventional medical models to achieve optimal health

Nex Wellness in Burlington Ontario provides a range of naturopathic service including infusion therapies for immune support, nutritional wellness and as an adjunctive approach in cancer care.

NEX Wellness is a successful practice headed by Dr. Jacqueline Colello ND, in Burlington, Ontario. They treat patients with a wide range of conditions including cardiovascular problems, hormonal imbalances, inflammation, immune disorders, allergies, cancer and patients with chronic pain and chronic diseases.

This wide range runs counter to the approaches of the conventional medical establishment where practitioners specialize. Specialization promotes a deeper understanding of conditions and their treatment, but also tends to regard health challenges, particularly multi-symptom chronic conditions, as disconnected from each other.

NEX Wellness, in common with many of York Downs’ clients, have a broad view of human wellness appreciating its interconnections. Dr. Colello looks for the root causes, a task undoubtedly facilitated by her kind demeanour and gentle diction, so that patients are able to define “Optimal Health,” as she terms it.

“Optimal health is all about addressing the systems and their relationships, and the connectedness among those systems.” Dr. Colello illustrates this point with an example, “When having a conversation with a patient that aha moment is exciting, when they appreciate that some of the same underlying factors that may be contributing to recurrent infections may be the same underlying factors that are contributing to their arthritis, or their diabetes, or their depression.”

“Achieving wellness and optimal health doesn’t mean divorcing from conventional care,” she notes. “Sometimes that is a challenge for patients because they feel they have to choose, but that’s not the case at all. They can work well together.”

Dr. Colello first encountered York Downs Chemists when fresh from medical school she worked with Dr. George Strobele a German-trained medical doctor. “At the time, he was a trailblazer in his work. He brought together both the complementary and conventional medical model. He was particularly interested in cardiovascular disease prevention and was really forward thinking in assessments and preventative measures,” she recalls. “We performed treatments around infusions to help support cardiovascular health for those who were at a high risk of an event. The treatments were incredibly positive and very effective. That was my first experience right out of medical school and I felt that marrying both concepts of care was the most compelling way to address health and wellness. And it worked brilliantly.”

Dr. Strobele brought together practitioners that were naturopaths, massage therapists and chiropractors with an infusion clinic. “We would liaise often with York Downs and Boyana at the time, and then Jared and Boyana subsequently. They were tremendous advocates and provided incredible support, particularly at that time when it was a really a new movement, especially for MDs.”

“Intravenous therapy” she explains, “is certainly useful as an adjunctive therapy in individuals who have experienced a cardiovascular disease event such as a stroke or a heart attack, and are looking to augment therapies they on; antihypertensives, blood sugar lowering agents, lipid lowering agents and statins.”

“In recent years, our practice has shifted more towards immunities, cancer treatment and helping with hormone balance. So we use infusion therapies that are more particularly focused in those areas. We’ll use high-dose Vitamin C, we’ll use a lot of nutritional combinations where we’re looking to enhance the overall nutritional status of someone who might have inflammatory bowel, or irritable bowel, or who may have taken a course of treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and they’re looking to recover.”

“We have been working collaboratively with Boyana and York Downs, since 1998. There’s a set protocol but they’re an incredible resource whenever we had questions about different combinations of infusions.”

“We don’t use other compounding pharmacies. We’ve been so pleased with the service at York Downs with Jared and Boyana. Anytime we have questions, they’re there to help. They are exemplary in their customer care, getting the products out to us in a timely manner, sometimes last minute on our part always making sure they get to us as quickly as possible.”

Other Testimonials

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"Knowing the high quality of their products, their perpetual research in new products, their quality controls and professionalism gives me comfort." Dr. Ara Elmajian