Our team

Fran Garshowitz
Jared Garshowitz
Graduated Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto, June 2012
Joanne Lee
Joanne Lee
Registered Pharmacist
Anne Miao
Anne Miao
Registered Pharmacist
Marie Wong

Graduated from University of Toronto ; Class of 1976 BScPhm, RPh and has worked with us for over forty years.

Etagegn Asres
Maria Flores
Sheri Haniff
Suraj Benegal

BSc. RPh Leslie Dan Faculty

of Pharmacy, U of T

Cheryl Foster
Elizabeth Echavez

Pharmacy Assistant

Tania Cardenas-Borreg
Pharmacist (Cuba) – IFAL BSc. Institute of Pharmacy and Food – University of Havana
Babby Ann Alvarez

Pharmacy Assistant

Ellen Goldberg

Pharmacy assistant

Lourdes Chico
Pharmacy Assistant
Beatriz Calzadilla-Diaz

Shipping, Billing – ISP BSc. English Language and Education, University of Havana

Memnune Buyukyazici

Accounting – Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning