“It’s not miracles, it’s molecules” – an Orthomolecular Approach to Wellness

Vitamin Advantage Medical has clinics in Calgary and Vancouver. The slogan, “It’s not miracles, it’s molecules” imparts that results that are apparently miraculous are based on biochemistry.
Dr. Jasmine Hall, ND, practices procedure-based orthomolecular medicine at Vitamin Advantage Medical in Calgary and Vancouver.

Dr. Jasmine Hall’s clinical approach is distinctive.  

“We use vitamins, minerals, amino acids, even hormones – basically substances that are natural to the body to treat and manage disease,” she states.  Chances are we can actually alleviate symptoms without side effects or the adverse effects encountered with pharmaceuticals.”

The genesis for this distinctive approach were personal health challenges along with a degree in biological science from the University of Calgary. And subsequently naturopathic training and participation in the Canadian Society for Orthomolecular Medicine.

Orthomolecular medicine uses vitamins, amino acids, hormones and other substances that are present in the human body to treat and manage disease.   

“We’re always trying to look at root cause, so we’re going to look deeper and we’re going to say,” by way of example, “We know that thyroid hormone actually influences female hormones. Let’s check out their thyroid function first.”

“Usually it all comes down to nutrient deficiency being a big cause of why chronic disease perpetuates in the patient. What we do is correct vitamin mineral deficiencies, and maybe even hormone deficiencies, and then the patients ends up feeling better.”

“When patients get their vitamin IVs they are just be amazed at how they feel afterwards and talk about it as if some miracle just happened.” Our little slogan, “It’s not miracles, it’s molecules,” imparts the idea that it is actually just the molecules working as they should in your body.”

“I’m highly innovative, and because of my biochemistry background, I’m constantly researching, and actually formulate my own combinations of specific vitamins for treatments for conditions,” explains Dr. Hall.  “So I guess you could say we are trailblazing.”

On the part that York Downs Chemists plays in her clinical practices in Calgary and Vancouver, she states, “I really pride myself on is being both effective and using the safest and most effective materials possible. When I looked at a number of the compounding pharmacies, York Downs always stood out as being the most knowledgeable.”

“We have so many procedure-based treatments in our two clinics that we just order nearly everything from York Downs. Many years ago I tried products from other compounding pharmacies and didn’t get the same results with patients.”

“I know that Boyana is able to compound things that other compounding pharmacies are not able to do. Other pharmacists are not able to get compounds into solution and stable, and so I trust them with everything.”

Other Testimonials

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